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by Lily & King

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Lick the spoon and lick the bowl Let's get fat and let's get old Drink yourself into the ground And if you wanna take a lover take ten and then you won't be let down Cry until the oceans burst Tell me, have you done your worst? Laugh, with all the mirth of sin 'Cause you'll be happy as a shooting star and equally as fated to burn Let's get dirty, let's go dancing They'll take pills, I'll take romancing Don't you hang your head today Because they've always, always, always got something, something, something to say. It really is unfortunate I feel I have to drink a lot To hold a conversation With a person that I like a lot I was a teenage pregnancy I haven't cleaned since I gave up speed And even then, I never did it properly
Medication 03:39
Today my head was pretty heavy And I saw Jesus in the rooftop He was all swinging from the rafters Nobody told him that he could stop. La la la. In a minute there was laughter And all their grins lit up their toothless smiles The radio men in the airwaves Creep under doors and onto your dial. La la la. This is a sticky situation And I hate all the games you're playing Why don't you take your medication? There's nothing quite like medication. La la la. Lying in my bath I see the red blood drip Through the cracks in the walls The holly and the ivy and the poisonous fruit Creep up from my toes And every now and then I close my eyes And see your face again And every now and then I close my eyes And it's just black again. I was wandering like a gypsy Maybe we were slightly tipsy I don't know But cigarettes and paper squares Remember me to the ones I can't forget They love you longtime, love you lipsick Sucked in you nutcrack need my head read At least if words go into orbit We won't be wasting them here instead. La la la.
We look alive But daren't wake from slumber Lego-land lives The bricks that drag us under Oh, oh, oh, freedom. Walls creep in Such silent sounds they're making Clock's ticking And time is for the taking Oh, oh, oh, freedom. Oh lord I try So hard just to be free Send your moon and your stars and your planets To rain down on me But the moon is in its houses And the stars are in the sky The rain is in the rain clouds And the planets are in some stargazer's telescope I hope I will not be Freedom, freedom, freedom, freedom. Look up high Such silver webs they're weaving 'Cross the falling sky Three little devils thieving Oh, oh, oh, freedom. Devil's got loving Devil's got freedom Devil's going downtown Devil's taking me down.
Nothing ever seems real in the rain When you sang yourself to outer space I would look in, from my place outside the window Fairies can dream of dance that can't exist You lost all your limbs while I was sleeping And your silver blood shone like the night Touch my head, and we'll both wake up with a fever How else will you know what it's like to think aboutcha? Fairies make things real that can't exist So I never thought that we'd end up like this When we kiss you it's because we love you Not just because we want another piece of you Fractured trees hang restless in the sky In a night where streetlights hid the moon from our eyes The universe fades til the dust has no reflection But I am still here, oh lord I'm still sitting here
I am the monkey, you are the tiger I am the bird, you're the bird-eating spider But I'm so hungry for your love You are the feline, I am the rodent You;re in the distance and I'm in the moment But I'm so hungry for your love One, two, three We're as happy as can be When we can run away Did you see the morning star Was it buried in your heart While you were dreaming, not sleeping I am the goldfish, you are the housecat You are the bones, and I am the flesh but I'm so hungry for your love Cat ate the mouse without any warning We're lovers by night and strangers by morning But I'm so hungry for your love One, two, three We're as happy as can be when we can run away Did you see the morning star Was it buried in your heart While you were dreaming, dreaming Oh, it was all so real But my hands were shaking I, I, I, I can't escape you Or maybe I just don't want to You are the hunter, I am your kill I'm faint and I'm dizzy and I'm feeling ill But I'm so hungry for your love Oh fill me up with all of your loving Baby, can't you see I'm starving I'm so hungry for your love One, two, three Are you going to capture me Or let me fly away Did you hold a shooting star Did it leave you with a scar Did it burn? Or did it heal you?
A train set and a cowboy suit Excalibur and magic flute Adventures on a viking boat Secret agent's old trench coat The unicorns and centaurs Were led down the hollow corridors And put to work the crusted fields And grazed down by a dusty shore In uniform he would proudly stand Once leader of the marching band Now media creator Of sounds for elevators Curiosity, pure desire Rain down upon the forest fire And they couldn't take the chances Or entertain romances So you put them into boxes With the quick brown foxes From blocks of wood and tin and stones The challenge of the knucklebones Hi ho, hi ho it's off to work we go No time to dwell on great unknowns And dreamers and weavers and fire eaters Are huxters and hawkers and midnight walkers Trawling and scraping the residue Of a lonely, distant, abandoned haiku.
Here she comes with her box of magnets Brass key clicking in the wooden front door Another one's waiting in the bedroom Dripping down her legs onto the hard wood floor Days end as politeness thickens The mice were freezing in the icebox Waiting for the day when they would meet her snake Her sweet, sweet voice would sing them all to sleep Or else she said she'd drown 'em awake Cat's got her tongue, now it's fall down drunk. Oh no. Here come the Germans, 1-2-3! Here come the Germans, they've been waiting for me Oh I'd better run, better run here they come Turn the telly on, turn the telly up I think there's something happening inside the box It's early in the morning and we're getting a warning That there might be a war but then again there might not Where were you and what were you doing that day?
I remember the occasions Vascillating with the gods As I rode upon the briny crest And burned upon the cross But now these days are empty And there's no fare for hungry hearts The sick and many wicked souls Across the boards we'd creep And even now the wolves and angels Trample in my sleep My hopes upon a wishbone A shuffle and the fall of cards In a glimpse I'm freed To burn and to bleed Take the bitter and the sweet And throw away the keys With a rustle and a crack And the wind at my back I'm following the zephyr from the Blue to the black Fold away the years Going back into the day With one eye and a leg gone west I'd jump into the fray Crying "Come on all ye tramps and hawkers Anchors are aweigh, aweigh!" Away with these afflictions Curse the brace and walking frame I'm a present from a yesterday That's left out in the rain A kingdom for my compass And a vessel bound for glory days I'm scratching my days on the hallowed walls You can wash my sins from the killing floor Nah nah nah... Oh, rusty harps and mandolins Caress this tainted seed With starry, jangling lullabies And nights that might have been If I could take a brush Then I would paint the skies of what I've seen
Lift up your voice Lift it up to the lord Glory to God To forgetting what's done I ate the bread, drunk the wine Oh, I'm fine It's not your fault And there is nothing wrong It's just like a dream I have now and then When you sleep by the light of the moon, My love If I could mend Your happiness I'd creep like a cat Curl up on your chest Soldier, lay down the needles and Smoke to rest Ever you wake, You burn through the night As I fail under Your heavenly light Bright as the daybreak And deep as the sea You and me He's got your eyes Your beautiful eyes The bird in your hand The stars in your skies Shine on, shine on forever I'll hold you, I'll hold you I'll make a wish upon you.


released October 20, 2012

Recorded, mixed & mastered by Steve Vertigan at Soggy Dog Studios in Upwey, Victoria


all rights reserved



Lily & King Melbourne, Australia

An acoustic junkyard - blissful, beautiful, dirty and wicked.

They play hot Dixieland punk dotted with haunting seaside lullabies and street corner stomp. Their set sits somewhere between a captivating 40's nightclub routine and the raw, reckless spirit of New Orleans street buskers. ... more

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